Ayelle teams up with Rationale for latest collab ‘Choice’.

Our favourite R&B sultry songstress has released yet another exemplary tune to keep us all heavenly satiated during this difficult time. We may be in lockdown, but Ayelle has got our quarantine listening on lock. We aren’t sure what we did to be treated with all these quaranTUNES but we are grateful as ever.

Having already released two singles this 2020, the luscious ‘Trust’ and the effluent ‘Effort’, we now welcome with open arms and ears, her latest single ‘Choice’ produced by good friend and London collaborator Rationale. A match made in musical heaven, ‘Choice’ combines Ayelle‘s personal, relatable and sophisticated lyricism, her exquisite, undeniably mesmerising vocals with the composition skills and experienced nature of Rationale. No doubt Ayelle is warming us up for her eagerly anticipated mixtape, ‘NOMAD’ being released in May, upon which we patiently await.

“I wrote ‘Choice’ with one of my favourite people – and London collaborator – Rationale. When two broken people start falling for each other a lot of old fears can start resurfacing and you have a choice of whether to go through the fear or avoid it. That’s a choice we’re all entitled to and even though it hurts when someone decides not to take the risk of allowing themselves to fully fall for you, that’s still their choice and no one else’s.” – Ayelle


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