Rootkit releases new dance track ‘Only Knew’.

Oslo based Rootkit has released his latest dance infused number, ‘Only Knew’. The talented produced and self taught musician has created a rather distinctive electronic sound that can effortlessly traverse between dance floor filler and solo listener boogie. Oozing with atmosphere and emotively subtle, he joins forces with LA songwriter Nevve for this future house bop.

‘Only Knew’ is a slow simmering showcase of Rootkits sonic diversity, combining rich, fluid instrumentals and breathy vocals alongside undulating builds and twangs of trailing groove. The song provides a sense of progressive urgency and will have you hooked from the very beginning.



‘‘Only knew was made after I received some vocals from Nevve. I decided to try a lot of different things with the vocals and ended up with 2 versions of the song. The version first being released I wanted to refresh my old drumstep style of music and hopefully in the way bring something new to the table. 

I tried giving it a unique sound to the drop, and make something which people might not have heard earlier. At the end of the track there is a very short outro with a hip hop vibe just to tie together the whole track and give it all a unique vibe. It’s a track people can listen at home and get inspired from, while it’s also made to be played on big speakers and be enjoyed in live sets.’’ – Rootkit.


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