Kwon presents EP ‘Collections’.

LA producer Kwon releases his 7-track EP ‘Collections’. Synth laden and crammed with layers of sophisticated beats and atmospheric builds and breakdowns, its an EP of various colours and flavours. Containing threads and themes of pop, rap, hop-hop and dance based electronic music, showcasing Kwon’s true versatility and creative ability, he moves effortlessly between genres yet always manages to inject his unmistakable unique influence throughout.


“The EP is titled Collections. It was what came naturally to me when creating and has been something I subconsciously needed to make. I struggled a lot with “finding a sound” alongside every other producer, trying to follow trends, and simply just being content with my music. One day I just decided to stop caring about all that and that’s when it clicked. The whole EP came together in about 5-6 months besides 1 track (770 twin) which was made late 2018.  The Art is supposed to represent a different world in each cave. When I was making the EP, the only thing I could see was exploring a cave and discovering beautiful life collections is a journey through a cave that serves as a metaphor for my mind but is ultimately just a creative mind dump.” – Kwon


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