Average Joe’s eclectic soul sound comes to life in ‘Taxi’.

Average Joe has been exposed to story tellers from an early age. Whether that’s the confessional narratives of John Martyn or Tom Waits, or the colourful characters of his hometown, or his own father who contradicted a working-class attitude with aristocratic high standards. This prolonged exposure has now seeped its way into Average Joe’s lyrics which vibrate with caustic wit and sincere irony.


His latest single ‘Taxi’, is “A post heartbreak ode to alcohol’s soothing nature upon the bruised ego of a British male,” soundtracked by the lively jazz, soul and blues stylings of Stoke-On-Trent collective The Rules.

The track also comes with a music video, filmed DIY style in the pubs, streets and train stations where you’re likely to find the anti-hero portrayed through Average Joe’s unflinchingly realistic words.

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