Francis Novotny releases confessional new single ‘Someone I Wanted to Be’.

Swedens very own, singer- songwriter Francis Novotny has released his first single of 2020, the confessional and emotive, ‘Someone I Wanted to Be’.

Daintily devised and organically composed, a piano progression begins the track, before Francis’s vocals swoop in, encompassing the listeners full attention. Carefully constructed and layered harmonies mix with climatic synths making for a truly celestial combination.

Lyrically drenched in love and regret, ‘Someone I Wanted to Be’ reveals another side into the artistic understanding of Francis, whilst remaining true to his vision of “taking the listener on a journey” through his talent for story-telling songwriting.



“This song has been with me for some time and I’ve been waiting for the right moment to share it out. The meaning is pretty strong and direct…it’s about love and regret; but also about how as you grow older and get more ballsy, you can get a different perspective on things you did in the past”– Francis Novotny



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