Chris Scholar drops self-directed, self-edited for rising track ‘Northside’

At the end of last year, the multi-talented Chris Scholar made waves with his impressive single ‘Northside’. With a production of various sonic textures, ‘Northside’ is a slick track all about commitment to another while showing off Scholar’s skills as a vocalist and rapper.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, the now Los Angeles-based Scholar has now dropped a video for ‘Northside’.

Reminiscent of the directoral style of Childsih Gambino, who shows the intricacies of his own African-American community, the video is peppered with scenes of real life interactions. Whether that’s a couple of best buds sharing a joint, kids playing in the park, hanging out at the local diner, the freshest of fashion choices and so on. Even though the video is only four minutes and thirty seconds long, Scholar creates a vibrant sense of life, with his own editorial flourishes that gives the visuals a touch of magical realism.





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