Pop duo Neon Dreams release newest single ‘Turn Back Now’.

Canadian alt-pop duo Neon Dreams, consisting of vocalist Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris release newest single ‘Turn Back Now’ as their first offering for the new decade. Continuing their mission to produce music that not only comforts, but also provides solace, this newest tune follows in the previous albums footsteps and carries forth their intention to heal and empower their fans into 2020 and beyond.

Produced by Corey LeRue from Dreaming Out Loud records, it is clear from the very beginning that this song is a deeply personal piece of music. Detailing Franks account of his mothers battle with cancer, this track emanates an inspiring air of positivity and the power of positive thinking itself. A beautifully written track, filled to the brim with emotive energy and authenticity, connecting the listener on the very deepest of levels.

“I wanted to create a song that would help inspire others facing struggle. Watching my mother last year as she fought cancer, I was amazed at how positive she remained through the entire process. I started watching movies, reading books and listening to music from my childhood that inspired me and made me who I am. I realized they are all heroic. A phrase that came up a lot in all these outlets that inspired me was : we came way too far to turn back now. I wrote the song based on that concept.”


“This song is important because we all need a reminder every day that it’s ok to feel sad. Life can be challenging, but as long as you don’t give up you’ll make it through. Some people don’t have anyone to tell them that. I want Neon Dreams to be that band telling you it’s going to be alright.” – Frank Kadillac


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