Hugo Valentine speaks a multitude of truths in newest single ‘All I Want.’

His first release of 2020 and his fourth single so far in an impressive run of new music, this London born and bred multi- instrumentalist has us all consumed and enthralled, in everything Hugo Valentine.

A man of many hats, literally and physically, Hugo not only has a captivating, soul drenched vocal, but he also serenades us on the keys as he writes and plays all his own music, having been classically trained at the Royal college of music.

His first offering of this brand new decade is a call to love in a technological infused era. ‘All I Want’ is an ode to true human connection and a plea for real life love and less Instagram likes. Hugo manages to yet again capture and channel that uniquely British sound, whilst also carrying catchy melodic hooks and lyrical content which is filled with depth and understanding.

Beaming with vibrancy, this feel good tune is bound to be enjoyed across the ages.

“This is the closest thing to a love song I’ve written to date, but rather than being about any one person in particular, this song is simply a call to and for love. The lyrics harbour a slightly deeper meaning, nodding towards the loneliness among today’s youth as a result of isolation through technology and social media.


Whilst we live in an age of heightened communication and technology, this ironically pushes people further apart on a human level as they tend to rely more and more on electronic connections and engagement rather than physical and human encounters – “I’m hoping for something real to find.” This often makes it harder to find ways of connecting in person. ‘All I Want’ is an understanding of this idea, which is manifested simply, as a very real and human desire for Love, in its truest form.” – Hugo Valentine


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