Nashville’s Daniella Mason gets introspective on stellar four-track ‘Mental State’

Nashville based artist and songwriter Daniella Mason gets introspective on stellar four-track ‘Mental State’. Her most recent single was amongst Billboard’s 20 best pop songs of the summer – and for good reason. Mason blends effortlessly emotive vocal performances with infectious melody writing and vibrant production. It is the second EP taken from her series ‘State Of Mine’, which comprises of four collections. Her ability to touch on challenging, personal topics adds weight to her craft; bringing depth to a joyously energetic sound.

“Story-wise, Mental State was the obvious next EP for me,” Mason explains. “My journey through my emotional state and past pain lead me straight to my brain where all of my memories were stored, causing me to have to face some things up there. Previously, my mind had been a place I had only gotten lost in, essentially making me afraid to go there… It’s been a new experience for me, and I hope these EPs continue to reveal more and more of what’s been hidden.”


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