New Orleans based rapper Pell releases ‘Gravity’, a 13-track ode to his hometown

New Orleans based rapper Pell releases ‘Gravity’, a 13-track ode to his hometown. It is his third album and a significant step forward when it comes to his lyrical craft; there’s no doubt that Pell can inhabit inimitable sonic worlds; but storytelling is the defining characteristic. It pulls on themes of heartbreak, moving through careers, the ups and downs of being an artist and various stories encountered around New Orleans. It is a sterling effort, from the trippy LowBatt to smooth cut ‘Show Me feat VÉRITÉ’ and onto energetic alt-rap bop ‘Sip’ – Pell straddles styles effortlessly.

“I ultimately decided to name my debut album ‘Gravity’ on the idea of staying grounded. I’ve been working on this project since my ‘Girasoul’ EP in 2016 and during this time went through a lot of big changes in my life,” expresses Pell. “‘Gravity’ is also a metaphor for facing reality instead of faking reality, which is what I’ve been met with often since I moved to LA. I’m much more honest in my music than I was before because I now feel I have more life experience through self-discovery. New Orleans is a big part of my identity so I’m carrying that with me in this project and not forgetting where I came from.”


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