Enigmatic producer Juuku has dropped an expansive, cinematic remix of BANKS’ ‘Under The Table’

Juuku has dropped an expansive, brash remix of BANKS’ ‘Under The Table’; the electronic producer creates a soundscape comprised of lush, fizzing synths that underpin a glitchy, lo-fi beat. When it opens up, the production becomes a frenzied cacophony of pads, melodic keys and big percussion.

“This track is actually about two things- one is my battle from starting juuku and pursuing the dreams i have for it 100% and keeping it “under the table”,  and the hesitations that i’ve had from pursuing it… The second meaning is about the story of my grandparents. my grandparents weren’t on good terms with each other for 10 years. my grandpa died in 2008, and my grandma never was able to reconcile things with him. she felt so horrible and let it all out during the funeral about how she should’ve fixed things. she died 2 years ago and this song represents their reunion with each other and their search for each other in another world/afterlife, with the entire song themeing with hesitation and representing their bittersweet, yet hopefully reconcilable reunion.” – Juuku


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