Paris-born songwriter Noé releases ‘Color’, a raw reflection on living with the lows

Paris-born songwriter and artist Noé releases ‘Color’, a raw reflection on living with the lows. It’s a swirling slow-burner with beautifully crafted melodies and an emotive vocal performance that will stick with you. The production comes courtesy of frequent collaborator Matt Parad who creates a gorgeously warm soundscape for Noé’s vocal to glide over effortlessly. The video follows the narrative, with hazy hues – a pastel palette that perfectly captures the subject matter.

“In Color, I move away from the self-deprecating approach to lyrics. Like too many, I struggle with depression and anxiety. Here’s me getting real and calling out depression for the abusive relationship that it is, but also coming to terms with the fact that it’s a part of me and will never truly go away. Admitting that and not writing a delusional “I got rid of depression” victory song truly empowered me. And even today, when I hit the lows, listening to/performing “Color” empowers me. I just hope that when needed, it can help someone else feel a little empowered too” – Noé


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