Influences: Austrian producer and songwriter MP The Kid walks us through the songs that shaped his sound

“The song reflects on the many situations in which you feel to be instantly connected with someone, who makes everything else around you just a blur.”







“This one counts especially for Stuck to My Mind. It is obviously has a cheesy side to it, but still got something that makes it kinda edgy – an interesting combo imo”






“Besides the fact that G-Eazy is undoubtedly a big inspiration for me, it was Christoph Andresson’s production on These Things Happen that made me gravitate to his music and style in the first place”




“This is a freaking masterpiece! Nothing else to add here”





“It still freaks me out that Rich Brian taught himself English by watching Youtube all day just a few years ago. As I grew up speaking german his success is definitely a motivator.”



“This track will always have a special place in my heart. Cudi is a legend, period!”



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