Finland’s starlet ALMA drops video for her atmospheric single ‘Cowboy’

Finland’s ALMA drops her video for her newest and empowering single ‘Cowboy‘, an ode to digressing away from societal norms and embracing exactly who you are.  It is about being free, liberated and completely unapologetic about it. ‘Cowboy’ is the first single taken from her highly anticipated debut album set for release in 2019, and it boasts critically acclaimed writers such as ALMA herself, Justin Tranter, Sarah Hudson and BloodPop, who also produced the track. The track’s rhythmic gated synth provides an expressive instrumental bed for ALMA’s killer hook to glide over effortlessly, whilst her flawlessly fresh vocals lead the other elements through the track perfectly. The visuals, shot in her native Finland and directed by celebrated Finish director Miikka Lommi, depicts a raucous few days in the life of ALMA and her friends sharing the excitement and banality of everyday life as a post-adolescent in the 21st century. ALMA explains, “everything you see is real. Finland and Finnish culture is front and centre. The cast is all my friends. We were shooting for 3 days and those days were some of the best of my career so far. I think I speak for everyone when I say It didn’t feel like we were working at all. More like shooting a fun documentary of our lives.”

“I’ve spent a lot of my life being told who to be, what to say or how to behave by the world. There’s constant pressure on us all to fit in and ‘Cowboy’ is about exactly the opposite. I want my fans to feel like they can be whoever, say whatever and look however when they listen to my music. Here you are accepted no matter what.” – ALMA


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