Chatterbox: ÅSN & Inga discuss working together, their rise in Norway, guilty pleasure and ‘Glass’

Hey, thanks for talking to us. Could each of you tell us something about yourself that our readers might not find out otherwise?

Inga: Hey, thanks for talking to US, this is so cool! If the readers should know something about me that they wouldn’t find out otherwise, it must be that I watch Youtube-videos of puppies every morning to start the day the best way possible. That’s an important ritual for me to get into the right mindset. And also, I’m obsessed by peanut butter.. And I played the saxophone for 14 years!

ÅSN: Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out! My guilty pleasure is watching the Kardashians, while eating popcorn and MMs. When i’m not doing that, I usually eat a box of tuna while making bangers! I always light candles when i’m making music.

How did you end up working together?

Inga: The universe united us through our label (yeah, we’re on the same). ÅSN sent some tracks to my A&R, he sent it to me and asked if I wanted to write on them, I totally LOVED them, and the rest is history! Ever since we’ve been doing sessions together, which always turns out to be a blast. We laugh, make childish jokes, drink wayyy to much coffee and write epic tunes (at least we think so, haha).

ÅSN: What she said! I always have a blast making tunes with Inga, and her ability to make smashing melodies is just mesmerizing to watch and to hear. 

You’re both making waves in Norway, how has the reception been overseas?

Inga: The reception has been awesome. We’re both kinda new with our artist projects, but Max Martin is totally jealous of us and our music. Haha, in our dreams – but seriously.. we’ve gotten great feedback from people outside Norway and can’t wait to share more!

ÅSN: It’s a lot of fun to follow the results of how the track preforms outside of Norway, and it’s cool to see how far the track has reached. So we’re very thankful for the sharing and for the great feedback. 


How did the new track come about and what does it draw upon?

Inga: Sometimes it takes months completing a song, sometimes it just comes to you like that. I was sitting in my apartment in Oslo a cold, dark winter day in February, like.. I think it was about 3am. This crazy awesome instrumental popped up through a dropbox-link, sent from ÅSN, and I was like.. This is my jam! The cool sound you hear in the intro triggered ideas immediately and within an hour the melody and the lyrics fell down in my laptop like rain out of clear blue sky. It was very effortless.

It sounded like glass to me, and there goes the title. The song is about yearning back to days when things were simple and sweet. It could be a relationship, it could be about life in general. Things have a tendency to get very serious the older you get, having to watch what you’re saying, how one make problems out of small things and how it feels like stepping on glass, afraid of breaking things and to make a mess.

ÅSN: The instrumental came about with me experimenting with sampling. I wanted to make a track influenced by Astrid S “Such a Boy” with the glassy feeling in the intro. So i sampled a shattered glass and started to fiddle around with the sample, and the rest is history 🙂


Did it evolve in the studio from the original demo version?

Inga: Most of the track was already there as I got it from ÅSN. It was just minor touches before we drew the line under the production. We actually never even met in studio through the making of the song. Since he lives in Trondheim and I live in Oslo, it was just a couple of mails back and forth about the small details we wanted to make, and it was a wrap. 

ÅSN: Yeah, that was about it. I sent three tracks to Inga and got three tracks with amazing vocals 7am the next day. She has an amazing workflow!

What are you looking forward to over the next few months?

Inga: I’m looking forward to sweaty summer days spent within four hot walls, making more songs in the studio while the rest of the world is getting tanned on white beaches with cool drinks in their hands. I’ve got great plans for my next releases already, so ya’ll better watch out! And also, I’m building my live set, so some gigs are definitely coming for those who wanna see how «step on glass» live.

ÅSN: SUMMER, and finishing my Bachelor degree in music technology. Then work full time writing new tracks and focusing on my music career, and maybe get a studio cat.

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