Chatterbox: Rising UK upstart Loveday talks to us about ‘Close’ & VCR music videos

Hey, thanks for chatting to us. Could you tell our readers something about yourself that they might not find out otherwise?

Hi! I’m slightly obsessed with Back to the Future! I love old/retro movies

How would you describe the sound you’ve built for your first release?

Indie electro-pop? Very minimalistic, I wanna keep it real and not overly clean and perfect like a lot of pop music right now. Lo-fi vibes and no over the top production!

What does the new single draw upon?

‘Close’ is about being in that moment where you meet someone who you really click with – just being straight up about how you really feel! I’m really big on being truthful in my music and my lyrics, and keeping it personable. I try and write about situations any girl my age could be in and keep it really relatable. ‘Close’ is a perfect example of that! It’s not about being head-over-heels in love, just about having fun. It’s just honest!

Did it evolve significantly in the studio from the original demo?

We started with the main chorus lyric! My co-producer and I were messing about with a vocoder sound on a scratch mic, stacking vocals and harmonies in no sort of order. After a bit I came out with the main chorus lyric, and had this ‘lightbulb’ moment! Then we were like ‘why don’t we just make that lyric the main focus by taking everything else out?’ It was a bit of a mad idea at the time, but really helped the rest of the song flow from there lyrically and musically!

Is it part of a larger project, an EP or Album?

Definitely part of a larger project, my stash of songs is growing constantly! I’m writing and making new ideas all the time, as well as building my world visually through shooting my own music videos on VCR (the one for Close is out now!) and getting into film-based photography. At the moment, I don’t feel as though I want to be tied down to an EP, and I’ll likely keep dropping singles over the next few months!

What do fans have to look forward to over the next few months?

A few more singles, some really cool remixes, more music videos… Can’t wait for everyone to hear! My next single is out at the start of June


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