Introducing: NJWA blends contemporary electronica and traditional Malaysian influences on her new self-titled EP

NJWA is an R&B songwriter based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her new self-titled EP represents a sonic move for the singer, characterised by a unique blend of contemporary electronica and traditional Malay influences. Most of the material for this release was written in New York but the record was produced across Malaysia, in various studios. If you listen closely, you can hear the Malaysian jungle adding life to ‘In The Name Of Love’, which was recorded to tape amongst nature. I guarantee that you’ll find NJWA’s sound refreshingly distinctive, with elements that you probably won’t have heard before.

“Expect to hear a different kind of soundscape that you’ve not heard (or seen) before, referencing musical elements from the other side of the world. In The Name of Love was recorded in the Malaysian jungle, and Togok is a traditional folk song, with an entirely traditional ensemble, but modern lyrics.” – NJWA


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