Lonely Days is the evocative new single from Californian multi-instrumentalist Alex Siegel

Alex Siegel is a rapidly emerging experimental Californian songwriter and producer.. Born and raised in Santa Monica, Siegel cites various genres as influences on his music;  with jazz, bossa nova, folk, pop, and hip-hop all going into the sound cauldron. His creations are eclectic and evocative, with swirling productions tapping into your deepest emotions.

Siegel plays all the instrumentation on his tracks, which may go some way to explaining how personal and rich the soundscapes feel. The new single ‘Lonely Days’ follows this pattern, rich in texture, varied in its use of sounds and unapologetically emotional. It was created in collaboration with vocalist Emily Rae Rose whose sumptuous melodies are the perfect partner for Siegel’s production.


“I created this song to express what I’m feeling and process what’s going on in my life. I never wrote any of the lyrics down, they just came off the top of my head. Also, I made this track to practice mixing and mastering myself.” – Siegel


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