‘Stranger Things’ is the vulnerable new single from R&B songwriter Malika

Malika has become something of staple on the UK R&B scene, releasing powerfully emotive music that allows her songwriting to take centre stage. Her new single ‘Stranger Things’ is no different; it opens with a stunning piano solo that becomes enveloped by sumptuous choral backing vocals, bold percussion and well crafted melodies.

“Stranger Things is one of THE MOST personal songs I’ve written, it describes a real moment in time for me, and a real struggle between two people. For me it was necessary to tell this story this way. When I got back in the studio to work on new music it was with the idea of saying what I wanted to say, making what I wanted to make, without restriction. And I think you can hear that and feel that on Stranger things. Ultimately my hope is always to connect with people. But especially with this new set of music, I hope that others who have had the same or similar struggles find, or listen to, Stranger Things and the EP ‘Tension’ when it comes out next year and feel connected.” – Malika


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