Doncaster producer Thomas Irwin ignites his future with transcendent track ‘Flame’

Thomas Irwin is a self-taught electronic music producer from Doncaster, UK, who has quickly gained global recognition and acclaim. With hits like ‘LA LA’ and ‘In The Mood’ already under his belt, he has become one of the most exciting talents in the electronic dance world. His distinctive style and storytelling through dance-oriented sonics are truly transcendent and special, which is what dance music is all about.

Now, Irwin has released his latest single ‘Flame’ featuring singer-songwriter Georgia Meek. The track starts on acoustic guitar coupled with Meek’s captivating vocals before cascading into a deep tech house pre-chorus vibe. The song then explodes into a pulsating electronic dance track that will appease listeners of pop, dance and everything in between. It’s an uplifting and feel-good dance-pop track that will surely be a hit on any party playlist.

‘Flame’ highlights Irwin’s talents and potential. He is not just a prolific songwriter but also a gifted producer, able to blend genres seamlessly. In fact, this track marks the first time he has written a song on guitar, and the opening notes are a nod to this fact. The song’s message is clear: put all the negativity behind you and go out to have a great time.

“This is the first song I’ve ever written on guitar. It originally was in a triplet time signature, but I made it more house and 4/4 in the production. The guitar at the start of the song is a little homage to this fact! – This song is about putting all the crap that’s going on behind you and going out to have a great time.”

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