Stockholm based songwriter NAAH releases her second single ‘Sippin’

‘Sippin’ is the second single from Stockholm based songwriter NAAH.  It’s an effervescent electronic alt-pop number with rhythmic synth-work, crisp percussion and outsanding melody writing. It is clear that NAAH is talented beyond her years, at only 21 she is creating well crafted synth-pop with clear appeal – her debut single ‘Worth It’ picked up some serious love across the blogosphere and shot its way to ~500,000 streams on Spotify. This new one is sure to find its way into your Spotify playlists and should see the young talent emerge as a serious contender this year.


“Sippin is a song me and my friend Oliver wrote last summer and it’s one of the first songs I’ve written that isn’t sad. When I wrote it, I’d just graduated and I’d just moved into a new studio with my friends, life was pretty good in many ways and in others, not at all… I’m good at pretending that things are good until it gets better and a result of that is Sippin! Sometimes it’s nice to just let go of your evil thoughts and think about the good things in life and it was in one of these moments Sippin was born!” – Naah



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