Rapidly rising artist Joshua Worden releases stunningly produced new single ‘Tennessee’

Joshua Worden is an emerging songwriter/producer based in Atlanta. His music is introspective, emotional and gorgeously realised. He has just released his new single ‘Tennessee’, an exploration of an earlier time in his life. The production sits in a space between electronic and indie; with synths and distorted drums trading punches whilst Worden’s effortless vocal warbles over the top. Guitars flicker in and out of the noise, filling the space with harmonised riffs and sumptuous ad-libs. The rawness of the mix has echoes of Ben Khan, Jai Paul and James Blake – with a similar emphasis on melody.

“Some of the reasons I make music have simplified,” Worden says. “I don’t have a lot of the same pressures of worrying about, you know, ‘How is this going to be received? Is this going to be successful or not? What is this going to do for my music career?’ It’s more doing it for myself—discovering truths, figuring things out about life through music.”


“I lived in the rural mountains of Tennessee from age 9 to 13 or so. Our closest neighbors were almost a mile away, and I spent a lot of time deep in woods behind our little white house (the album art for the single, actually). Tennessee is an exploration of that time in my life. The texture of it. How it sits in my chest when I think about it.” – Joshua Worden


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