ZAE’s infectious new single ‘F.W.U.’ is another massive step forward for the Londoner

London based songwriter ZAE has just released her new single ‘F.W.U.’. The record is an R&B flecked electronic number with stacked synths, silky vocals and smooth percussion. Produced by Barney Lister, it is a clear step forward for ZAE. It shows her willingness to step into a slightly more contemporary zone, one that might remind the listener of Nao or Sinead Harnett.

ZAE became a hot name on the blogosphere when she released her debut ‘Like Honey’. It received a flood of favourable press coverage and is currently sitting at around 320,000 on Spotify. If you head over to HumanHuman you’ll be able to see that ZAE has amassed 25 agrees, which is no mean feat. (You might also notice that I was the first to get on the ZAE train.)

“I wrote this song about the reluctance I sometimes feel when sharing something personal with new people. It’s easier to hide certain things about yourself rather than be open and deal with the fact that the other person might not react the way you want them to. But in the end, when you have pride in who you are, the right people gravitate to that and you realise that you don’t owe anyone an explanation.” – ZAE


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