Austin based duo Bronze Whale release ‘Exposure’, their first single of 2018

‘Exposure’ is the new single from Bronze Whale, an emerging production duo based in Austin. The pair released consistently well crafted music last year; their signature synth-driven sound has gained them a flurry of positive press, new fans and millions of Spotify streams. The new record is a driven mid tempo electronic track, with big synths, complex drum patterns and catchy pitch-shifted vocal hooks.

“We decided at the end of 2017 to head back out to Colorado to work on new music. This time we took a bunch of the  Magic Magic Collective team, and turned it into a giant writing retreat. Our goal was to create songs that relied less of vocals and more on instrumentation. Exposure was one of the first ideas to come out during these sessions. It felt more vulnerable and emotion driven, capturing those days camped around a big table with all of our best friends. It’s the first of a ton of new music this year and we couldn’t be more excited!” – Bronze Whale


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