London’s ARLO releases exciting new alt-pop record ‘Homecoming’

ARLO rose to the top of the blogosphere after releasing ‘Safe’ last year. The record now sits at over 200,000 streams on Spotify; the Londoner’s most successful track to date. His new single ‘Homecoming’ is an expansive piece of alt-pop, putting ARLO’s vocal front and centre. The production is excitingly effervescent, with fizzing percussion and swirling electronic instrumentation.

“Homecoming is admission in its purest form. It’s me admitting the truth to myself and promising myself to get better. It’s me saying come home , we love you, we won’t judge you. no one will ever love you more than your family and friends. So why not surround yourself around them.” – ARLO

Grab tickets to ARLO’s show at Camden Assembly here.



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