‘Closer Still’ is the first single of 2018 for indie-electro pair Culpriit.

Culpriit is the new project from Colin Dieden and Rob Ellmore. The pair met in the studio on a project for another artist. Colin Dieden is known for being the frontman of The Mowgli’s. Ellmore on the other hand, has produced for bonafide pop stars such as Fifth Harmony and Selena Gomez. The result is catchy indie-electro with polished production, well crafted vocal melodies and exciting synth driven beats.

“Closer Still was just one of those songs that felt immediate. Like a story everyone has lived through. We sat down and it came together really quickly because of it’s honesty.” – Colin

“Closer Still started very spontaneously with chords and melody for the chorus and a rough direction for the lyric. From there the track really came together around the vocal. It’s about not wanting to let go – chasing after something that feels further and further out of reach.” – Rob


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