Electronic newcomer ‘Very Yes’ releases debut single ‘Collide’

This is a big one. We rarely feature instrumentals / tracks that don’t have an obvious lead vocal on Purple Melon; but this one caught our ear. The production is seriously polished, wide pads and rattling percussion fill the space with various pitched vocals darting in and out. It opens up into a rhythmic vocal sample pattern, a section which clearly becomes the hook by the end of the song – you’ll keep coming back for more on this one.

“Very Yes is a project that’s been marinating for quite some time and I always knew would one day happen but never knew exactly when. Having been a musician my whole life, I have gone through so many phases of musical obsession but never let them all meld into one anamorphic blob. Now I have and I want to put a heavy emphasis on reviving stylings from 90s hip hop/RnB along with previous experiences and fold them into current production techniques and sounds.” – Very Yes


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