Midsplit and Wiz Khalifa bring the summer slightly closer with energetic new single ‘Same Life’

Midsplit is a Canadian producer who is known for wide, glitchy, future beats. His productions are expansive, making use of layered synths, vocal samples and crisp percussion samples. His new single ‘Same Life’ features Wiz Khalifa, who needs no introducing. The hook is steady, with a bouncy West-Coast summertime melody. This one will take you right through to Summer.

“My style is probably more a vibe than a specific sound…I think that with my music I bring a certain groove and speed that isn’t common in dance music with 160 bpm pop tracks (like this track for example). I also love to use guitar in my tracks since I grew up in the Paramore/Linkin Park alternative rock era. My music represents a lot of what I grew up listening to, what I like now, and ultimately just what feels right.” – Midsplit


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