Broken Roots & Drona release collaborative single ‘Learn To Unlove’

Broken Roots is an emerging producer from Italy who makes enigmatic dance-pop beats with an emphasis on sturdy rhythms and bouncy synths. The new single ‘Learn To Unlove’ features vocals from Drona, a 22 year old singer-songwriter from India.  It follows on from Drona’s previous release called Horizons which is about the long distance in the relationship (that has since ended).

“It’s really what I was feeling at the time. That conflict of knowing that I should let go, but still holding on so strongly. That process has been slow, and very much a learning curve. And that’s really what the song is about. The hardest thing about making music is to decide who you want to be as an artist. Do I want to make EDM/electronica music? Do I want to do Indie Pop? Do I always want to sing about love? Should I cultivate a persona? After having done a few electronic features, I’m now looking to do an EP on my experiences of growing up in India. Stay tuned.” – Drona

Broken Roots

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