London duo OMYO releases ‘Mysterious Girl’

Thumping bass and a flickering beat connects on the London duo’s new single ‘Mysterious Girl’, which you can stream below.

“The Initial beat was composed by whilst sofa surfing around Oxford having moved back from Asia. Tom wanted a cool club song, we hadn’t got any up-tempo dance tracks and wanted to move away from ‘love’, so we reworked it into a slow dance jam – collaborated with VAHNI who kicked it into the club banger it is

There’s actually two meanings for the song between us:

Wills meaning: Working as a waiter at a university ball, whilst clearing a table looked up to see the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. It took him weeks to find out who she was, and then another year to get the courage to approach her on the dance floor of a club, settling for “buying” her a pint of tap water. Even dressing up in a shirt for the lectures they had next door to each other at university every Tuesday. They were together for 2 years.

Tom: Seeing a mysterious person on night out, and wanting to approach them, having to build up confidence to talk with them and take the lead. Everyone has different sides and lives hidden that don’t necessarily show too soon.” – OMYO


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