Introducing: Emma Remelle

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a songwriter. I always loved music growing up and began to have a fascination for lyrics in my early teens – I realized that a complete stranger could communicate how I felt without knowing me at all. I finally got an acoustic guitar my freshman year of high school and started teaching myself how to play covers – and soon after started writing my own songs. Songwriting came so easily to me, and honestly it was a very pleasant surprise! Writing music was always something that I thought would be so cool to do, and realizing I could do it myself changed my life.

I knew at that point that I wanted to do music as my career, but resisted those desires until after finishing out my degree in college. I went to SCAD and completely fell in love with my major, Fashion Marketing, focusing on fashion films, graphic design and branding, but knew as I got closer and closer to graduating, that music was still really what I wanted to do. While I was finishing my last few weeks of senior year, I connected with a sound design major and got into the studio to record a few demos.

I was extremely intimidated at first, as it was my first time being in a studio, but once I got in there, it felt really natural to me – as it turns out the studio is actually kind of my safe place, I love being there! About another year went by before I reached out and connected with producer Jake Vicious at House Studios in D.C. I had sent him a few of those demos I had recorded at school and immediately started working on my EP. I really lucked out with him, we work super well together and I’m so excited to finish out this project and work on so much more together!

Where did the new single come from?

Typically how I write is just me and my guitar – this was the first time I had written to a produced track. He made the song with me in mind and I was really into the over all vibe, and wanted to try to write something for it. It took a little adjusting to – to write with so many other instrumental things going on, so of course I picked up my guitar and started playing the track acoustically – and then of course the lyrics, rhythmic phrases, and melodies came pretty easy to me. When I first heard the track I thought the drop around the hook sounded like, as cliche as it sounds.. bottles ‘poppin’! So I knew I wanted to tie that in for the subject matter, and then proceeded to write a dark pop record about something very personal, as songwriters do!

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes! I’m so excited for the tracks that Jake and I have laid down for the EP – and I’ve been definitely been brainstorming some cool marketing content and music videos for the future. The EP is super personal and really tells a story on a timeline – I hope it’s able to really reach people and connect with them emotionally. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

A lot of work, and a lot of growth; in music and in life…I’m very excited!

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