Chatterbox: Moxi

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi! We are Andy and Anna from Moxi! We live in Fullerton with our 5 year old cat “child” who honestly lives a better life then we do.  When we aren’t playing music we’re usually drinking wine, watching horror movies, or listening to true crime podcasts.  We have a new EP coming out this August called Figures Bathed in Light and are sooo thrilled about it.  World get ready.

Where did the new single come from?  

Our new single Figures Bathed in Light was inspired by a terrible car crash we survived together a few years ago.  We were driving on a very dangerous, winding road in the hills east of Santa Barbara and our car hit a guardrail and sent us out of control along the side of the road.  Our car was finally stopped by a support pillar for a bridge over a 200 foot canyon.  If our car had stopped a few feet to the right or to the left we wouldn’t have made it.   

We walked away from the crash with just a few scrapes feeling like we had survived for a reason.  We went full force into creating as much art as we could after that.  I (Anna) remember the car crash almost in slow motion like a movie.  I saw my life flash before my eyes and felt like something was trying to take Andy away from me.  Those feelings inspired the lyrics to Figures Bathed in Light which we wrote a few weeks after the crash.  

Is there more content in the pipeline?

YES! We have a killer video for Figures Bathed in Light coming out very soon.  We also have another single coming out early next month plus our EP in mid August.  We’ve also been working on some brand new songs that are pretty special.   Maybe we’ll release a Moxi b-sides this Fall who knows?

What’s on the horizon for you?

Right now we want as many people to hear our music as possible.  We’ve worked so hard on these songs, the videos that go with them, and the overall artistic direction.  It feels so exciting to finally start putting it out into the world.  We’re going to be playing shows this fall and doing everything we can to get people to hear the our music! Ultimately, we want to create a world where people feel understood.  We’ve spent our whole lives feeling sort of strange and out of place and I hope our music can speak to people who might feel the same.  I want to people to know that there’s other people going through the same things they are and we are all in it together.  RAWR!


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