Chatterbox: Kill J

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Kill J. I’m a musician. I’m a singer and a producer. I’m from Denmark and I do dope shit. Google me. I used to be a classical singer, but it wasn’t for me. 

Kill J is my baby. She is me. But she is also all of the things I don’t allow myself to be when you meet me in person – a result of repressed emotions if you will. She is brutal, vulgar, confrontational and sometimes angry. She has a chip on her shoulder and her heart on her sleeve. 

I tend to be quite an anxious and intimidated person. I have sleight stutter and I was generally scared to death of the audience when playing live. So I created Kill J in order to distance my private self from the whole thing, and it gave me the courage and focus to tell the stories, that I think are important. I killed off Julie and there she was.  A spiteful and nasty little shit.   

Where did the new single come from?

Gravity is the first single of my upcoming first full album. It is an album that revolves around the world of particle physics. Gravity is one of the lighter and more vulnerable songs but it’s actually a song about being in a crisis. A crisis of understanding and a crisis of faith. I am not religious person, but I still feel the need to believe in something…

The song is about finding comfort in the laws of nature – realizing one simple thing, that you can hold on to – one thing, that you know for sure is true: When I let go, I fall down. It’s about surrendering to what we know. Surrendering to the pull of gravity with all the connotations of religious surrender.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes. I have an album coming up. I’m still working on the title but most of the songs are there and I can’t wait. Like really. I’m ready. It’s like I’m at the end of a pregnancy. So heavy and bloated and I’m just so ready to get this thing out of me and say hello to it. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

World domination or complete failure. Who knows? I´m fine with both out comes. I´ll be playing a bunch of live shows. First thing will be Reeperbahn Festival in the fall.  Really looking forward to that. In general just really looking forward to the time ahead. Lots of new music dropping soon, more shows, maybe some cool Kill J merch! 

Also planning on travelling to outer space and throwing my release party on the moon, still trying to convince my label about this idea though. 


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