Chatterbox: RKCB

Hey, how did the new single come about?

Our new single “vice” came from a place of curiosity and experimentation. We wanted to push boundaries both sonically and in our story telling so that the song hits in a visceral, not necessarily obvious way. This song was sort of a palate cleanser for us compared the the music we’ve released in the past. 

Is the more content in the pipeline?

We’ve got a lot of content in the pipeline. The closest to release is our music video, which we are BEYOND excited for. We were able to take the last three songs we released and blend them into one cohesive audio-visual experience. Be on the lookout for info surrounding that soon…

What’s on the horizon for you?

As far as the future of RKCB, we are planning on continuously creating unique pieces of content that people have an emotional reaction to. We’ve been lucky enough to connect with a large group of people who allow us to be ourselves and make the art we want, which only makes us strive to be better. Expect a lot more music, visuals and hopefully a live show in a city near you.


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