Weekly Waves: Vol.2

The second instalment of Weekly Waves is here. Some more of our inbox fresh favourites that we’re sure you’ll appreciate as much as we do.

BR3THREN – Blue Eyed Queen

Tasty electronic-soul finding its way to us from Austin, TX. On their sophomore effort, BR3THREN continue to expand their soundscape, utilising carefully selected synths alongside slick analogue counterparts. Big things this way come.

Charlz x Maths Time Joy – About Last Night

On the back of outstanding productions for the likes of Bon Iver, Gallant and Bipolar Sunshine, London beat-smith Maths Time Joy has teamed up with Charlz for a sizzling original record. An eclectic genre-defying instrumental x Charlz’s soaring melody = Joy.

Caswell – Brother

The best new music from the last 4 years has come from London. Don’t @ me. Caswell is continuing that trend with fiery alt-pop. On the ode to her sibling Caswell notes, “this song was based on the idea of what I would say if I wrote a letter to him. He’d changed a lot from the person I knew growing up, and I was scared I may never get my little brother back.”

Lovespeak – Novocaine (feat. Max Frost)

“Novocaine has had quite the journey,” explains Lovespeak. “Its initial form took shape at a writing camp in Hamburg, was later produced and recorded in Reykjavík, before getting its finishing touches back in Oslo.  Its sound is a bit different from the album we did, but I wanted to do something slightly more edgy and poppy for the new sound.” – The Norway based producer is going from strength to strength and this single continues that upward trend.

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