Introducing: Mayfly

Another stunning debut coming at you today, this time it’s courtesy of Mayfly. The London-based upstart is sliding into the electro-pop world, having previously released folk music under a different name.

Her debut single ‘Losing You’ is an expansive masterclass in writing to one’s strengths. Clearly, Mayfly has an ear for melody – you could imagine this being a Haim single in a different world. It’s a well produced slow burner, you can hear flashes of Fleetwood Mac amongst the swirling synths and stacked vocals.

“I wrote the song whilst in a pretty gloomy headspace last year. I wanted the song to be a process of realisation and coming to an understanding that you’re better off cutting ties with those who are only going to hinder you in life.”

You can feel the gloom, but there’s an uplifting sense of resolution. Mayfly dances around, flickering between long, drawn out phrasing and staccato sections – constantly throwing the listener around. You’ll want to listen to it again, mostly so you can establish if you missed any nuanced details the first time round.

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