Introducing: Hadleigh Wild

Sometimes you don’t need much, some sparse instrumentation, a great vocal and a few production flurries to fill the space. Hadleigh Wild’s debut single Heavy Water is one of those ‘sometimes’, the Londoner is forging his own path with some raw neo-soul; there are flashes of Blood Orange and touches of Alessia Cara.

I asked Hadleigh to describe the journey that led to Heavy Water:

“I wrote it about 2 years ago in my bedroom after reflecting on a break-up. It was one of those moments where I sat down and the words flew out instantly and then after around 30 minutes it was done. The less I think about it, the better my music tends to be.”

That last sentence underlines the beauty of Heavy Water, it’s uncluttered. There’s a lack of filtering which enables the track to bounce around naturally, without ever feeling forced.

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