Chatterbox: Ruth Koleva (2)

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve grown up in Bulgaria (more or less). I hate the place and I love it in the same time. I hate the corruption, schemes, mafia, destruction of nature and lack of human rights and equality. But that’s what’s happening everywhere, right? I am just used to it. Actually used to fighting it. People tell me I am one of these whistle blowing activists, for whatever that means down here. I’ve encountered injustice on so many levels, that I am glad I am still alive and doing what I love. That must be a blessing. Other than that, my whole life has been one big constant fight, and I am surprised at myself that I haven’t emigrated somewhere by now Haven’t lost my mind, nor I’ve changed my views.

I started a non-profit organization for mental health awareness and care. My goal is by 2018 to have a suicide prevention center and hotline (since, our health care doesn’t care about that either). I manage and promote other local artists, I do workshops and seminars on music and management. I try as much as I can to support charity organizations on human // LGBT // refugee rights. Sorry for sounding a bit down, I am usually much more positive.

No problem! Where did the new single come from?

When I was 19, I fell in love for the first time with a person who was my mentor and my deepest inspiration. He was (and still is) a great musician, who thought me a lot about art and music. We met in Amsterdam, and were together for 2 years. What inspired the song, was my youthful naivety on the fact that the guy didn’t love me, He never did. He was comfortable with my energetic vibe and went along with it, while he still loved his previous lover. Of course, I was too blind to see it. I was too shallow to accept that “love” is not a one way road. I thought that if I was good enough and if I tried hard enough, his feelings would change. Wrong. Its hard to admit to yourself and confess to the world how vulnerable you were. It took a lot of courage for me to really let go.

Is there more content in the pipeline

I honestly had to google that idiom, since uhm. I am a foreigner after all 🙂
The next video single is called “A new home”, a very personal song about my experience with depression. We have lined up new remixes of the song “Tokyo”by DJ Spinna, The Foreign Exchange, Kaidi Tatham and Positive Flow next month.

What’s on the horizon for you?

The album Confidence. Truth is coming this spring. I have a concert with Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra in one of the biggest halls in Bulgaria on 25th of April. The next day we leave for a european tour, starting in Vienna, NL, UK, France, Germany, Hungary and Prague. I am really exited about that, I have US dates in the fall and new releases around then (I am recording an EP right now). There’s also plenty of work on Kan Wakan’s EU tour, so this year I don’t think I’ll rest at all.

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