Chatterbox: B O K E H

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m 28…Survived 27, surprisingly (the most intense year of my life).
Born in Cape Town, South Africa, raised in Wellington, New Zealand and living in Berlin, Germany.  But I have a British passport = I’m very confused about my nationality and have decided to place home in people rather than physical places. I’m not convinced that this theory is so wise as it’s resulted in a lot of heartbreak so far. Seeking new strategies.
However, I do think borders are bollocks.

I’ve been making music for seven years now. I also act. B O K E H is my first solo musical project and the most personal thing I’ve ever made. She’s a vessel to express the duality within my artistic alter-ego – the beautiful and the painful, the colourful glitter, the utter madness. B O K E H comes from a Japanese term boke (暈け or ボケ), which means ‘blur’ or ‘mental haze’. It also means ‘clueless’, ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’ in Japanese – Of which I am often…

Where did the new single come from?

…A very personal place. I just deleted what I wrote, re-wrote it and deleted it again.
I’ll just say that ‘I Know You Know’ is about someone who fears intimacy. I wrote the song together with my dear friend and producer Wouter Rentema. We recorded the song in various make-shift and real studios about Berlin, including a vocal booth ‘tent’ in my living room and the majestic wooden hall at Vox-Ton Studios.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with some amazing guest musicians on the song too, including the effortlessly talented Thijs Lodewijk – who we recorded synths with in a disused chapel in the middle of nowhere in the Netherlands.. It was a mad vibe.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Indeed, there is. ‘I Know You Know’ is the first single from my debut 6-track EP entitled ‘Don’t Leave The Fire’, which comes out on March 10th. If you want a sneaky little peak at what the other tracks sound like, then you can check out the previews on the shop links here:

What’s on the horizon for you?

Writing the next EP, writing for other artists and working on music videos. I’ve just wrapped the first two videos and I am working on the third one right now. My hope is to make a video for every track. The first two singles are funded by a New Zealand creative organisation called NZ On Air, which is amazing. Right now I’m looking into funding for the next one, which I would love to shoot in Norway. I adore music and filmmaking. When I’m writing, I already have the video in my mind.

I’m not trying to do anything profound, I don’t have that much self-faith. I’m just expressing what I feel I want to in a given moment and hoping that that might resonate with someone else’s common feeling at their given moment too.

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