Chatterbox: FELEKÉ

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

I always had a passion for the arts. I grew up taking summer art courses, eventually evolving into dance. I feel most artistic people like to dabble in a bit of everything! And I’m no substitution. As child I always stashed a composition notebook, filled with poems, that later became songs.. I secretly loved to sing but rarely showcased it.

Watching ginuwine, Aaliyah, Brandy just to a  name a few, really motivated to make an attempt on what I saw as my destiny. I debuted on the Pop/R&B music scene in 2011 with LOST IN THOUGHT, a mixtape including single/video “I DONT GIVE A FUCK.” the following year I produced my second mixtape SHAPELESS. Ive also done some songwriting for indie artists and even a few major recording artists 


Where did the new single come from?

Don’t walk away” came about from a new relationship ending. Couple years ago I was engaged and the outcome wasn’t so good. Eventually 2 years passing, I thought I would never find a connection like that again. I entered this new relationship guarded but I thought from several in depth conversation with this new found love, that we were heading in a great direction. Moved in and everything! And out of nowhere she began to act distant and instead of talking and trying to resolve what ever insecurities she was struggling with she decided to “walk away”…. and that’s how the song came about.

Is there more content in the pipeline?

Yes there’s definitely more music on the way! I’m presently promoting my new single EP, which includes 7 alternated mixes of the single release “This Isn’t Love” there’s also a video available if you guys want to go check it on YouTube!  I’m also really excited for this month! I’m shooting a second video for a follow up single “crybaby”  in LA at the end of the month. The song will also be available for download this month! So please help a brother out, lol. “Don’t walk away” is now on SoundCloud and will be featured on my upcoming album. 

What’s on the horizon for you?

Hmmmm what’s on the horizon for me… just aiming to be progressive. I have a 7 song EP completed that I have to prepare to market. In works with a new project, a unisex accessory collection, starting with hats and bags. 

I just plan on traveling more, performing more, more visual, just more of FELEKE and what he has to offer the world. 

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