Chatterbox: LL

LL makes dark pop with a focus on well-crafted melodies. It’s an interesting sound that can be broadened and will enable the Londoner to carve out her own soundscape, one that matches her ability to craft a beautiful top line. We asked LL to give us some background on her new single ‘CIRCLES’, future content and her own artistry. Check it out below:

Hey, tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey! I’m LL, (short for) Laura-Louise – an abbreviation everyone seems to call me but as it’s so minimal, it’s actually pretty hard to find me on google at the moment . . . I have this first impression with the online music world as being pretty elusive! I kinda like that but in an over-saturated field and as a newbie, it is funny / slightly crazy to be so hard to find. We’ll see if it can grow naturally… I hope so!

I don’t believe in stereotypes and feel being so specific with things like gender, age and sexuality is hugely limiting. As we become more open-minded and evolved, my hope is we can begin to describe people more eloquently. So for example, I don’t want to ever see a number next to my name… or a big M (male) or F (female) etc… it’s so void of personality to do that, so I hope to advocate a bit of a change there and for people to actually think more creatively when describing people! (We aren’t statistics)

Musically, I’m still really new… My style is dark-future-pop I guess but it’s a little hard to put into one genre as it’s evolving. I make films too and have a little production company. I thought I wanted to do film to combine my love for music and visuals – (plus story-telling)… I’m quite multi-platform as an artist and I’m inspired by truth.

So I was making music for my film projects and doing a little modelling too but there was a deep ‘something missing’, almost unhappiness until about a year ago when I was gifted a piano and I literally could NOT STOP WRITING. It was a real great moment and an awakening to KNOW that I had to put music first… I’m lucky to have talented friends in the music industry and they really told me to go for it. So I did and a year on, here I am. It’s 100% what I am destined to do and I will happily take the rough and smooth. Trust me, I already know there’s so many of those in this world!! It is worth it to be yourself.

Where did the new single come from?

The new single came about in an unusual way… Lacoste were looking for a female vocalist for their new Pour Femme TV campaign and hadn’t found the right sound. I believe they wanted Sia but for some reason or another they stumbled across me via an agency and some writers / producers at WMP and Cavendish Music.

So after hearing my Soundcloud, I was asked to record CIRCLES. It’s a more collaborative piece in terms of having a big team involved and certainly more commercial than my first pieces… I usually take a lot more charge in things and so it’s definitely been a new experience in that regard… but it’s been a great project geared around creating a track around my sort of edgy vs. vulnerable style and working with new people. I’m also excited for commercial to air, it’s really beautiful.

What other content is in the pipeline?

I have so many songs in the pipeline… and I’m writing all the time… The music isn’t all finished and I pray for the right producers to come into my alignment as I don’t do all the production myself. I am still learning and know there’s some serious talent out there to collaborate with… (I love collaborating).

I’ve had some great starting points take place with some amazing producers this year and I sit and write acapellas and on the piano almost daily. I would LOVE to finish about 8 songs that mean a lot to me but I still need a great team behind me… I’m on that journey of getting everything in place and deciding whether I want to be ‘signed’ or not. At the moment I’m totally independent. So I have all this freedom but it’s certainly more challenging. I hope to make some decisions on that front and continue to write, grow, create, record, perform and resonate with an audience.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I think maybe I’ve covered that in the above… I’d like to do all that I’m doing at the moment but to higher levels. Music, writing, directing modelling – expressing. Hopefully one day on a global level!

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