Sanjay Michael takes us ‘Rocking into Midnight’ with classic rock track

Singapore Rock singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Sanjay Michael is a classic rock connoisseur. Championing the original, historical and unbeatable sound, in his eyes “Rock ‘n’ roll never left the party – it was just getting a drink at the bar!” 

Much like the other traditional, pioneering genres such as Metal, Punk and Country, Rock music is still alive and kicking, particularly in the minds of those who believe in it’s sacred roots and it’s undeniable power to inspire. Sanjay Michael prides himself on this core belief and his music is a mirror of such. With Rock music coursing through his veins and injected into his DNA, after much hard work and careful curation he is on the brink of releasing his debut album ‘Rocking into Midnight’.

Kicking things off with his debut single, of the same name, Sanjay Michael is staying true to his influences and his heart with his take on all thing Rock. Hoping to carry that Rock n Roll flame by finding new ways to share and express it’s unmistakeable, raw and gritty energy with new audiences. With a touch of electrified blues thrown into the mix, Sanjay showcases his love for the greats, combined with a modern feel in the hopes of further evolving a genre so loved by all.

“I simply wanted a big, catchy song! The main riff came around as most of my songs do – from fooling around with my main songwriting guitar, a Yamaha acoustic that I keep handy in the living room… When I think I’m onto something sweet I just experiment around it until I get something I think will work. The solos were kept short and sweet here.

The lyrics are clearly a tribute to rock ‘n’ roll itself. The setting at midnight reminds me of when I first got my driver’s licence in Australia – I would hear out on a Saturday night with my friends in my mother’s yellow Ford Cortina, blasting out rock classics through the cassette player (not a very upmarket car!) with the windows down. We would of course stay out well past midnight!”

– Sanjay Michael

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