noaccordion and Aima the Dreamer team up for empowering single ‘Smile Revolution’

Oakland based producer, artist and instrumentalist noaccordion has returned with her newest track ‘Smile Revolution’, which shares an important and empowering message for the collective. This time teaming up with spoken word artist Aima the Dreamer, the two share the hope that this new single will stand as a celebration of equality, connection, diversity and queer joy.

Often sharing art that holds a deeper meaning and social responsibility, ‘Smile Revolution’ follows previous track, ‘Welcome Diversity’ which sits in the same compassionate and understanding musical sphere.

Progressive, anthemic and accompanied by a self-made animated video, noaccordion’s mission is to bridge new connections by introducing a deep understanding of different cultures and approaches to a universal message.

“Know that your joy is a revolution, your peace is a revolution, Your happiness is resistance, queer joy is resistance / Black and brown joy is resistance, And we here to start a revolution so lean in” – Smile Revolution

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