Cosmopolis blend dissonance with beauty in ‘Parasite’

Based all around the world, Cosmopolis is challenging the typical band setup. With members situated in Belgium, Australia and England, they are pushing forward a new musical frontier, one that goes against the grain. A band of the future, made possible via technology, they record in multiple locations, recording remotely, virtually and when time and space allow, physically too. Proving that borders and long distance hold no barrier, they elevate over the traditional band concept, demonstrating that if you love making music, there are no obstacles you cannot transcend.

With the band name itself inspired, primarily by the European literary magazine of the same name published in London, Paris, Berlin and St Petersburg during the 1890s, the incredibly forward thinking, post punk, art rock collective conjure a potent blend of gothic rock, post-rock, prog, electronica and Lofi.

Having been releasing music regularly since 2020, Cosmopolis have reached critical acclaim and are showing no signs of slowing down, which brings us to their next incredible single & video ‘Parasite’.

Featuring unfiltered lyricism and a gutsy social commentary, they balance dissonance and chaos with disarming honesty. Cosmopolis hold no prisoners on this latest release and show the world exactly what they’re made of.

Watch ‘Parasite’ below and enter the atmosphere of Cosmopolis:

“On the surface this is a tale of obsession and a dysfunctional relationship, but in Cosmopolis’ new song ‘Parasite’ it’s never clear if the parasite is the external malevolent presence or the internal self-destructive urge. As frontman Gavin reveals “maybe it’s both at the same time. And maybe living in Australia, I see the dark side of nature, so it seemed like a good way to approach obsession and self-destruction”. The track builds to a searing climax which combines  elegiac beauty with violence and chaos. This song is part of that tradition of contrasting disturbing lyrics with beautiful instrumentation. It can be compared to Atmosphere by Joy Division, Femme Fatale by the Velvet Underground, The Bed by Lou Reed, maybe some things by Nick Cave.”– Cosmopolis

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