LLUCID’s ‘Wasting Time’ feat. Kimbra is a hauntingly beautiful ode to heartbreak and growth

This is one hell of a comeback from an artist we covered all the way back in 2021! Since then, it’s clear that LLUCID has grown so much as a creative, really solidifying that modern-pop sound into one that touches on many genres but sounds so stylish and cohesive. You can hear this in newest single ‘Wasting Time’, featuring Kimbra, which is elevated by a contemplative and atmospheric production. Aside from being a great piece of sonic creativity, the track is peppered with LLUCID’s pensive verses about a relationship that has hit rock-bottom. The vocals morph from trap-inflected autotune to futuristic pop vocals and act as a perfect complement to Kimbra’s soaring vocals. The chorus especially is nothing short of stunning, in which Kimbra an eerie-yet-uplifting melody.

While ‘Wasting Time’ is full of complex, bittersweet emotions that accompany the end of a relationship, it’s not entirely without hope for the future, as hinted at by the lyric “we’ll find a way to make it right.” It’s a poignant moment that perfectly captures the push and pull of a failing relationship.

We’re so impressed by this collaboration between LLUCID and Kimbra. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves emotionally-intelligent and catchy pop music.

It was a wild ride, I’m sure I made three or four complete versions of this song, only to return to and refine the original idea. It’s a very personal song about a relationship that has hit rock bottom; very early on I thought it’d be cool if someone else added a different perspective to the track. I’m psyched to have Kimbra joining me. I’ve been a fan of her work for years! We had a riot producing the song!” – LLUCID

I loved this track when I heard it. It captured a kind of melancholy but made it feel danceable and cathartic. We recorded the vocals in Berlin while on tour together. The process was super fun and natural. I’m stoked that I could be a part of this song!” – Kimbra

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