Breezy Casanova and Sally Sossa team up for empowering single ‘Proud of You’

We’ve got just the thing to start your weekend off on the right note, with Breezy Casanova’s latest single ‘Proud of You’. Featuring rapper Sally Sossa, this track is a mesmerizing blend of soulful R&B and hard-hitting hip-hop. It’s all about that combination of smooth, soothing vocals and rapid-fire rap flow, which comes together to create a unique, fierce, and impactful track.

Accompanying the single is the official music video for ‘Proud of You’, which follows the story of an undercover agent on a mission to rescue trafficked women from a brothel. It’s such a cinematic premise that ends with a satisfying resolution to the high-stakes events. It all comes down to an empowering message of love, support, and female empowerment.

Taking into consideration the powerful message, bold vocals, and unforgettable melodies ‘Proud of You’ is bound to resonate with listeners, perhaps uplifting them from any self-doubt they might be going through in that moment. This R&B-meets-hip-hop song really shows off Breezy Casanova’s immense talent and impressive ambition.

I created this song in Seattle with my team. I heard the beat and went into the booth and freestyled my emotions I was feeling in the moment. I told my manager I wanted a feature on the record. So he sent me some artists. I felt Sally Sossa from Houston,Tx could bring the extra sauce to the record to make it complete.”

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