Apidae’s ‘Never Gonna Leave Your Side’ is a dreamy demonstration of modern indie-pop

Capturing the essence of modern indie-pop, we have Apidae’s latest single ‘Never Gonna Leave Your Side’. This dreamy and mesmerizing track with its upbeat and catchy melody, is impossible not to tap your feet or nod your head to the beat. As you’ll hear, the band has an impressive range, as lead vocalist Rosie Jones effortlessly switches between a gentle croon and powerful belt, backed by lush harmonies and atmospheric instrumentation. The song’s lyrics speak of a deep and abiding love, with the promise of unwavering loyalty and support.

The production is impeccable, with a polished and professional sound that perfectly complements the band’s unique style. From the shimmering guitars to the driving rhythm section, every element of the track is expertly crafted and balanced, creating a truly immersive listening experience. ‘Never Gonna Leave Your Side’ is a fantastic demonstration of catchy and emotional indie-pop, that’ll stick with listeners long after the song ends.

“Never Gonna Leave Your Side perhaps best epitomises the album-running sonic theme of natural, pure, organic acoustic instrumentation juxtaposed against very un-human, synthetic sounds and noises. It’s built around a squelchy, sequenced modular synthesiser hook, which squeals away alongside soft, felt piano chords, harmonies from singer-songwriter and collaborator Mazlyn, and a four-to-the-floor, disco groove. The track is lyrically influenced by Don DeLilo’s novel ‘White Noise’, and is about medicating against fears (and the futility of seeking to bury such things). Musically, it’s informed by Jai Paul, Jon Hopkins, Sylvan Esso, James Blake.”

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