Indie Kids: common goldfish, Strawberry Pom, Jupe Jupe, Color Palette, Ivytide, Lontalius, SWIM SWEET UNDER SHALLOW

Our Indie Kids playlist celebrates everything on the indie spectrum, whether that’s rock, folk or pop, because we firmly believe in taking a little walk off the beaten track every once in a while.

At the helm of this Indie Kids playlist is common goldfish’s newest single ‘On The Sidelines’. It’s the fifth in a run of tracks and it’s a seriously nostalgic and uplifting tribute to the power of music to connect us to each other. The song’s blend of psychedelic, punk, and indie influences, coupled with its unmistakable Britpop flair, creates a joyfully ramshackle energy that is impossible to resist. The song’s lyrics remind us of the importance of setting aside our phones and engaging with the world around us, while its catchy melody and upbeat tempo encourage us to do just that. ‘On The Sidelines’ is a welcome reminder that, even in a world that often feels divided, music has the power to bring us together in joy and unity.

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‘Galvanize!’ is the first single from Strawberry Pom’s upcoming EP and it already delivers that energetic and lively alt-rock sound with a lot of guitar and movement that we love. The catchy melody will stick in your head all day, making it a great song to sing with friends in the car or at a live show. Although the lyrics and vibe of the video may give off a dark and creepy vibe, the song is surprisingly summer-themed and perfect for riding in the car or hitting the beach. The lyrics explore the consequences of bad decisions made in adolescence, highlighting themes of lack of control and partying. ‘Galvanize!’ is a great example of how contrasting elements can come together to create an infectious and memorable track.

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Seattle-based quartet Jupe Jupe showcases their talent for creating a contemporary take on 1980s pop music with their latest single, ‘World Is Fire’. The driving and melancholic track combines post-punk, dark pop, and indie-rock elements, highlighted by soaring baritone vocals, crackling guitars and saxophones, and layers of synths and percussion. Recorded by Evan Foster at No-Count Studios, the track is a preview of the band’s forthcoming full-length album, Midnight Waits for No One, which was written over the course of two years during the global pandemic. The album promises a 12-song collection of darkwave-pop hooks that blend melancholy themes with escapism and hope.

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Lifted from their Pacing Like A Lion EP, Color Palette’s title-track showcases the band’s ability to blend organic and synthetic elements to create a dreamy, atmospheric sound. The track begins with a cheerful synth and drum pairing that sets the tone for Jay Nemeyer’s moody vocals. The shoegaze influence is evident as the song builds in tension, leading up to a satisfying and powerful breakdown that allows listeners to lose themselves in the music. With its catchy melody and relatable lyrics about anticipation and restlessness, ‘Pacing Like a Lion’ is a standout track on Color Palette’s latest EP, and a testament to the band’s versatility and artistry.

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Montreal’s emerging band Ivytide has just released new single ‘please don’t sugarcoat it’, a dreamy indie pop bop with catchy melodies, irresistible groove, and relatable lyrics. The song explores the confusion of being ghosted out of a situationship and pleads for a straightforward explanation. The trio’s signature indie pop sound, influenced by R&B and indie artists such as Frank Ocean, Still Woozy, and Clairo, is evident in the intricate but catchy melodies and well-thought-out instrumentation. With their debut album set for release this fall, Ivytide is sure to captivate audiences with its unique and captivating sound.

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New Zealand’s Lontalius (aka Eddie Johnston) is back again with an announcement of his new album, Life On The Edge Of You, set for release this summer via Kartel Music Group. In the run-up to that record, Lontalius has unveiled his latest track ‘Tangerine’, which he wrote during the dark period of the covid-19 lockdowns. The song speaks of the feeling of wanting to escape and find comfort in a warm and picturesque place. It’s an intimate and confessional alt pop experience, with Johnston taking stock of his life and the person he hopes to become. Produced by Jeff Kleinman, ‘Tangerine’ has a fresh sound with an organic set of electronic melodies that perfectly frame Johnston’s confessional tone.

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For their first appearance on Purple Melon, it’s Japanese outfit SWIM SWEET UNDER SHALLOW who recently released new song ‘Rufu’, a pop-infused shoegaze track that perfectly captures the essence of the band’s sound. The male and female vocals blend together beautifully, backed by jangly guitar riffs and dreamy atmospheric tones. The title song’s titled derived from the Japanese word “rufu”, which means to spread rumors, adds a playful and mysterious element to the song. Fans of shoegaze, guitar music and dream pop will definitely want to give this a listen.


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