Maddie Ashman’s ‘I’d Rather Fall’ is the emotional pop ballad about unexpected love

Prepare yourself for a personal and emotional pop tune that showcases the unique style and musical abilities of singer-songwriter Maddie Ashman. The song reflects on the simultaneous thrill and terror of falling in love unexpectedly, with distinct vocals and swirling melodies accompanied by a range of instrumentation. From the cellos strummed like a ukulele to the innovative rubber-bridged guitar, the sound evolves seamlessly as the lyrics unfold, creating a captivating narrative that captures a universal experience.

Ashman’s talent and innovative approach to music have earned her recognition, with her new EP, entitled Apparently, receiving critical acclaim and her performances impressing industry professionals. Her microtonal guitar skills have also garnered attention, with her coming in third place in the international microtonal guitar competition and putting on an audiovisual installation at Aldeburgh Festival commissioned by Britten Pears Arts.

‘I’d Rather Fall’ is a blend of classical and experimental influences into a cohesive and emotional pop tune. Maddie Ashman’s willingness to push the boundaries of what is expected in music is admirable, and it’s exciting to see what innovative and personal creations she will offer in the future.

I’d Rather Fall is about inevitably falling in love when you hadn’t planned to, it’s about the simultaneous thrill and terror of letting go and running with your feelings. Although the lyrics are personal, it feels like such a universal experience, and I wanted to capture this in the song. I wrote the song on cello, initially imagining it would be simple and acoustic… but as always, Nathan Cox (producer) and I ended up with hundreds of audio tracks, incorporating rubber bridge guitar, dense vocal multi-tracking, synths and drums, which really bring the narrative to life.

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