Ireland’s fast-rising start Pio Hartnett shares immersive new EP, entitled Cargo

The latest EP from Pio Hartnett, entitled Cargo, is an immersive and impressive collection of tracks that showcases his blend of pop, folk, and indie rock. The artist’s emotional vocals and charming lyricism are evident throughout the nine-track offering, taking listeners on a journey through a vibrant melting pot of ethereal keys, understated guitars, and poignant lyrics. The single ‘When I Go There’ is a tranquil offering that highlights Hartnett’s intricate harmonies and distinctive voice, creating a soulful and heartfelt sound.

Pio Hartnett’s previous releases have already gained critical acclaim and amassed hundreds of thousands of this year alone, with placements on prominent Spotify playlists. Collaborating with producer Zak Higgins, he has crafted a unique brand of organic pop that is sure to captivate audiences. With Cargo, Hartnett reaffirms exactly why he is a rising star in the Irish music scene, offering a fresh and original take on the genre.

You can listen to focus track ‘When I Go There’ and the rest of the EP below.

Working with Zak over the past two years, one big thing I’ve learned from him is to not do things by halves. There’s more music in the world right now than ever – and the fact is, some of it is really good. So if we’re going to make something… why would we do anything but make it the absolute best we can. If we don’t love it, why should we expect anyone else to?

It was only when we sat down and listened to the project through, on Zak’s speakers in his little bedroom in Strawberry Beds when it was all done, that I realised what tied it all together. I felt less sure than ever at that point that I had something worthwhile to share. But then I heard my life over the course of a couple years, across the songs, and something about it – even the mistakes – seemed right. I was surprised – I turned to Zak and laughed, “that… actually could be workable,” I think is what I said.

The whole project is about carrying something. Fighting for it. Taking something from one place to another, and trying to keep it in one piece along the way – or even just getting it there, no matter what it takes.”

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